Jose Mercado, May 2016.
“Working with LCI helped me find a career that suits my professionalism in a way where I can use my talent to the best of my ability. The process was fast and to the point. In a matter of two weeks I was working in a field I always wanted to work at. And if I had to do it over again I would because I know LCI will match me with another challenging and exciting job. I would recommend the services of LCI to anybody looking for a great opportunity to find a job where they can be proud of. Their staff quickly got the importance of my talents and sorted them in a way that would be attractive to any employer looking for a skilled worker to join their team. Also, the staff at LCI are patient and will work with you to over come any obstacles that would be difficult to anyone doing it alone. I would again like to thank you for kick starting me in a new and adventurous career.”

Corey H.  Product/Design Engineer Denver, January 2016.
“It was a pleasure working with Lauren from Lincoln & Creed. Through every step of the way Lauren coordinated the job opportunity in the most fair and efficient way possible. The process through which I was put through was very structured, but at no junction throughout was there an unwillingness to accommodate what may not have been a part of their template.  Lauren provided me with fair, honest negotiation and was a pleasure to work with. It was quite obvious that Lincoln & Creed analyzed possible candidates on more than what may be contained in one’s resume. Coupled with the streamlined hiring process made for a much needed saving grace. Definitely the communication factor of the process shined through as a strength which correlated directly with the speed of the process.”

Jonathan Bisulca, December 2015.
“Working with LCI was helpful and encouraging.  Their process was fast and helpful. I had such a positive experience I would definitely use LCI again. I would also recommend LCI for those reasons.  LCI is knowledgeable about the job search process.  They provided key insights before interviews. They were friendly and quick throughout the whole process.”

B.D., Hazen & Sawyer, August 2015
“I enjoyed working with LCI.  They were successful at helping me find a new job.  The whole process of changing jobs is not an easy one, even when you know its time for a change and a new direction.  LCI was helpful and provided guidance throughout the process.

The process is organized and effective. LCI maintained contact and effective communication throughout the interview process and after starting the job. I believe the process of transitioning to a new job was successful.

Wyatt D. Structural Engineer, July 2015
I think LCI is professional and organized and they do what they can to help you succeed at finding a new career opportunity. I think LCI does a great job at preparing you for your job interview. They provide recommendations on what to do and not to do during an interview, which I found very helpful.”

“I enjoyed working with LCI. They were successful at helping me find a new job. The whole process of changing jobs is not an easy one, even when you know its time for a change and a new direction. LCI was helpful and provided guidance throughout the process. The process is organized and effective. A phone interview was first conducted to get an understanding of my background and experience in order to pair me with a job opportunity that made sense. A job opportunity was found and a first interview was set up in a short amount of time. I was then briefed about the first interview and provided some coaching and tips since it had been many years since I had an interview. LCI maintained contact and effective communication throughout the interview process and after starting the job. I would use them again. I believe the process of transitioning to a new job was successful.I would recommend them to others. I think LCI is professional and organized and they do what they can to help you succeed at finding a new career opportunity. I think LCI does a great job at preparing you for your job interview. They provide recommendations on what to do and not to do during an interview, which I found very helpful.”

Chris Hopkins, PE, Senior Alternative Delivery Manager, Wilson & Company, Inc. April 2014
“Lincoln & Creed, Lauren, and Christa provided excellent support throughout the hiring process. I was well prepared for each interview, having been provided with the names and background of each individual that I would be meeting. The first offer that I received met all of my expectations, with Lincoln & Creed having already reviewed terms with my future employer. The position is exactly as described and is a great opportunity to advance my career.”

Scott Jardine, PE, LEED AP, Project Manager, SEH February 2014
“Working with Lincoln & Creed, Inc. was a great experience. I have not worked with a recruiter before, but recommend the job they did on my behalf. They kept me informed of the company’s expectations, provided a guideline of things to think about and helped me prepare myself for the interview process. After I was hired, Lincoln & Creed checked back with me on a regular basis to make sure everything was on track and I was happy. I appreciate that follow-up and interest. I’d recommend them to others looking for opportunities. It was a great move for me. Not only that, it is also a great fit. A great job opportunity doesn’t lead to a long term fit unless the culture is also a match. They provided a great match on both accounts. Many thanks!”

Gail Eaton, PG, Principal Geologist, January 2014
“My experience working with Christa DeHerrera began in March 2013, when she cold-called me at work (with my previous employer) regarding employment opportunities. In the past I had not generally taken recruiter calls too seriously, but Christa’s demeanor caught my attention. She got right to the point, and the job opportunity she described sounded like a perfect fit for me, so after verifying Lincoln & Creed as a recruiter, I transmitted my resume to Christa. Things moved very quickly, and I was thrilled when she told me that Lincoln & Creed was recruiting for MWH Global. Christa was on top of this opportunity, and helped me prepare and focus for my interviews. I have always interviewed well, but I learned a lot from the preparation sessions, particularly the focus on my strengths and 5 year plan. Long story short, I received an excellent employment offer from MWH Global and have been happily employed here since May 2013. My experience with Christa and Lincoln & Creed was extremely professional and positive. I thoroughly endorse Christa and Lincoln & Creed, and would definitely use them for any future staff needs.”

Stacy Roberts, Project Engineer Water/wastewater – January 2014
“I would highly recommend Lincoln & Creed to all of my friends and colleagues. I’ve been very happy with the recruiting process. Lincoln & Creed has led me to a position I’m very happy with and see myself staying at for a very long time. Lincoln & Creed not only sets you up with an interview but are supportive in all aspects of the process from interview coaching to putting in your resignation. Most importantly, Lincoln & Creed understands the needs and wants of both the prospective employer and employee not to waste anyone’s time and prides themselves in making sure the job is good fit.”

Alessandro Franchi, Senior Project Manager-February 3, 2012
“It has been a pleasure working with Lauren on searches for engineering jobs. She is one of few recruiters with an excellent understanding of the specific skills required for specific positions. As a result, when she finds an opportunity is always a good match. I regularly keep in touch with her and value her insights on the engineering job market. It is good to know that she is there to work with you when you need it. I highly recommend her.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Jeremy Tomesh – September 11, 2012
“It was with great satisfaction to work with Lauren and Jackie during the recruitment process. This was the first time in 12 years that I had looked for a position outside my former employer and Lauren and Jackie certainly made the process go smoothly. They were both very personable and professional during the entire process. I was always kept well informed of any new developments and they always followed up. Lauren and Jackie’s high regard for the company I was seeking employment with gave me the confidence that the firm would be the right fit for me. The enthusiasm that they showed during the recruiting process was certainly a plus. I would highly recommend Lauren and Jackie to anyone looking to grow their professional career.”

Les Fafard, Regional Leader Transportation-February 10, 2012
“Lauren brings initiative, coaching and experience to clients for recruiting candidates for professional positions. She does background research on the job market and on the client needs to identify well qualified candidates. She works with the candidates and the client each step of the process to be sure roles and responsibilities are understood so the process is effective and efficient. After the position is filled, she does follow up with the new hire and the client to assure for both parties. It is a pleasure to deal with Lauren as you know she is engaged to be sure that it will be a successful venture for you as the client and as a job candidate..”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Danny Elsner, Departmental Lead Water Resources-April 2, 2012
“I have had the unique opportunity to be on either side of the equation when in comes to career placement. Lauren helped me get my current job as Water Resource Practice Center Leader at SEH. Then she helped me with staffing within the practice. During both situations, Lauren is punctual about contacting the correct people to make sure the situation works for both parties. Without Lauren, I know I would not be in the good situation I am now.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Michael Dimitriou-Vice President Water Infrastructure, Jacobs Carter Burgess-February 3, 2012
“Lauren is a great resource with very good knowledge of the Denver Metro business community. Skilled and dedicated.”

James Liubicich P.E. Wastewater Group Leader, RJN Group – February 7, 2012
“Working with Lauren was a pleasure, she is professional reliable and efficient with her services.”

Mike M., Director, URS 2011
“Over the course of my 20-year consulting engineering career I’ve worked with several executive recruiters, both as a hiring agent and as a client. Lauren Byrne is by far the most professional, thorough, and effective recruiter I’ve been associated with. As a hiring agent, Lauren consistently referred qualified candidates that fit my needs. As Lauren’s client, I was very impressed with her approach of interviewing me and my three references, developing a profile that accurately described my personality, and then matching my profile to the cultures of consulting engineering firms. The result of Lauren’s efforts was a perfect cultural fit for my style and an incredible opportunity to advance my career. I have recommended Lauren’s services to several colleagues and will continue to do so; there’s no reason to waste time with any other recruiter.”

Patrick S. Planton, PE | Principal, Director of Water Services – April 2011
“Lauren worked on three retained searches in a row for our water group across three different geographies. She consistently produced top level candidates, in many cases bringing to us known players whom we were unaware would be open to our firms’ opportunity. They were highly qualified in her process for making the move, and we were able to secure each of the candidates we went after with Lauren’s help. In addition to the searches, she also brought us an outstanding seller/doer in a different discipline, whom we were also able to hire.
Overall we have been extremely satisfied with Lincoln & Creed’s dedication, persistence and industry knowledge and we would definitely use their services again.”

Bob Armstrong, Senior Vice President -October 2010
“Lauren is mission focused and determined. She requires no external motivation and maintains a high level of professional diligence as she sets to achieve a goal. She balances this tenacity with senstivity, an understanding of the need for flexibility, and a high degree of affability – she’s fun to work with.”

Service Category: Executive recruiter
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Bayard Yang., Senior Project Manager-October 2010
“Lauren assisted me in obtaining my current position that helped further my personal career goals. Lauren listens to her clients and to the best of her ability ensures that both the professional and firm are the right fit. She is very knowledgeable in the field and has a wide network of contacts to work from. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone who may be looking for a career move even if you are currently not looking for a transition.”

Service Category: Recruiter
Year first hired: 2006
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Jeff Marolt, Director-October 2010
“Lauren represents her profession as a recruiter very well. She has continually provided excellent service and is very knowledgeable in what she does. She understands the industry. Most of all she is thorough in gathering the critical information that makes the decision process easier even if not required. She is enthusiastic about what she does and it shows. She is constantly looking for new ways to improve. These are some of the reasons why she is doing well in a poor economy and in a profession that you wouldn’t expect to see thrive. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.”

Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Michael Kennedy, Arcadis -March 27, 2009
“Lauren was exceptional at taking the time to get to know both candidates and positions in order to find the best fit. She takes great pride in her reputation as a solutions oriented provider and makes sure that those solutions (matches) are good for the long term not just an immediate need.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Robert Reid, Southern CA Regional Lead -2008
“Lauren worked with me as a recruiter to identify new management positions for me that would be a good fit for both me and the prospective companies. She worked hard to identify my skills and desires to match with the companies’ needs.”

Stephen Booth., Senior Project Manager -2008
“Lauren is a proactive and results-oriented recruiter. During my job search, she listened to me and helped me to understand each opportunity and also explained why some situations would not be a good fit. She placed me at a great firm with good compensation and benefits. I believe that I will be at this company for a significant portion of my career.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Bob Clavel, Retiring Executive Director, Wheaton Sanitation District
“We very much appreciate your efforts and assistance during the lengthy selection process. You have been a valuable resource in this process and you referred several highly qualified candidates for our consideration. Our ability to have thoroughly reviewed the qualifications of all the candidates gives us confidence that we have selected a very highly qualified person for this position. Your coaching during the interviewing process was especially helpful to assure that the critical qualifications of the candidates were fully explored by all who participated in the interviewing process. Thank you again for your highly professional and confidential performance in our selection process for our new Executive Director”